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Do you have a great idea, an entrepreneurial mindset and do you want to get started? Present your idea to the experts at Mercator Launch and get one of the highly valued spots in the Mercator Launch IMPROVE program!

What is the IMPROVE program?
The IMPROVE program is a 10 step pre-incubation program that supports future entrepreneurs in starting their own business. The program is based on the Lean Startup method and guides startups through the most vital steps of starting their business. Participants are offered support, tools and strategies to ensure an excellent start.

What are the 10 steps?

  1. Start with why
    It is very important to understand WHY you do what you do. WHY is a purpose and the main reason your organization exists.

  2. Understand the problem
    Ask yourself this: Does your solution actually solve an existing problem?

  3. Team building
    Why is it important to build a team around you?

  4. BMC
    What is your business model and how do you write a business plan?

  5. Validation
    Can you sell your product of service? In other words do others also recognize the problem you want to solve?

  6. Prototyping
    How to create a presentable prototype?

  7. Launch your product in the market
    What is your potential market and who are your potential costumers

  8. Create financial forecasts
    How do you do it?

  9. Pitch and present your idea to potential investors and experts
    Pitch training: how do you present your idea?

  10. Raise funding and grow
    Where can you apply for financial support, grants, funding? Where can you find investors?

What can you expect?

  • A ‘yellow brick road’ from start to startup

  • Eight workshops in a time frame of two months

  • Coaching, feedback and the possibility to extend your professional network

  • Possibility of financial support up to € 85.000


  • A better understanding of who you are as an entrepreneur

  • Insight in the feasibility of your idea

  • Insight in your potential market and your future clients

  • An investor ready business plan with a sound funding strategy

Sign up!
Are you a student at Radboud University or HAN, or a recent graduate? Do you think you have that million dollar idea and are you interested in the IMPROVE program? Take a chance on it and join us!