Mercator Launch is a pre-incubator located at the Heyendaal Campus in Nijmegen. We enable students, PhD candidates and other employees at the campus to transform their idea into a value-adding product, service or event. At Mercator Launch you will have the opportunity to test and validate your business concept with support of experts, entrepreneurs, funders, government agencies, experts, advisors and corporates. Because eventually, innovation is created together!
Is your idea ready to be launched into society? Visit Mercator Launch – where your idea takes off!




We inform on how to improve your concept and offer valuable tools to develop and verify your business model.


We inspire about entrepreneurship, innovation and the development of a viable product and business.



We provide access to our network of corporate and government partners and to an extensive network of other leading stakeholders in the field.


We help improving concepts by providing tailor-made business support. Experienced coaches, advisors and experts are available to assist you in setting up your business.