Three ways our own startups support us in getting back to the office!

As you all know the dynamism, flexibility and innovative power of startups are the perfect answer to society’s biggest challenges. We, at Mercator Launch, have encountered our own challenges now that we’re fully back in office after last winter’s lockdowns. Returning to the office after two years of working at home just hasn’t been a smooth transition to some of our colleagues. Our network is full of ambitious startups with tons of innovative ideas, so… who else than them to help us solve our problems? This is where our newest strategic collaboration with startups Delreco, Micro-cosmos and AeroCount comes in, who are now helping us to IMPROVE working life at the office in their own unique ways.

What’s the first thing your office needs? Furniture of course! Without a desk to work at or a chair to sit on, getting things done can be difficult. When we came back to the office we quickly realised that we didn’t have enough office chairs for everyone, because curiously some seem to have disappeared? Luckily Delreco was able to provide a solution for us, as their circular furniture has given us extra places to sit. This has brought a unique style so it seems to have been a good move for us, check out the results below.

Even with the perfect furniture setup, adjusting to life at the office can still be hard. It was almost too easy to get used to working at home, being able to truly focus on your work as there was nobody to distract you. Getting back to the office also means getting used to social interaction again. This aspect of office life was particularly hard for us, which is why we have asked Micro-Cosmos to build custom micro-work-environments for us. These domes create a feeling of privacy and comfort for our colleagues to simulate working at home. See what that looks like below.

Having furniture and privacy covered, we still had the feeling something odd was going on. Like there was a weird energy in the building. When we discussed this with startup AeroCount, they quickly thought of an idea. Apparently they have been working on a top secret upgrade for their innovative particle detectors: The aura detector! This way we can finally see what or who is creating this weird energy. Who could be the culprit? I guess we’ll find out soon, as we’ve just added a detector to our office for their pilot.


If you haven’t realised it by now, this article was posted on April 1st. It is intended to be a humorous article and should not be taken too seriously. However, even though startups Delreco, Micro-Cosmos and AeroCount haven’t given our office a make-over, all three have shown particular development in their own respective entrepreneurial areas. Delreco provides an actual circular furniture service for international students, Micro-Cosmos brings micro-environments to hospital beds that help patients recover and AeroCount detects particles to make air pollution visible. Thanks to all of them for agreeing to feature in this article, with special thanks to Micro-Cosmos and AeroCount for lending us their products. We recommend you to check out their websites.

Do you actually have a great idea which can be piloted at our offices, please contact us via and we’ll have a coffee!