Our knowledge and expertise

Mercator Launch is located at the Heyendaal campus near the Radboud University, Radboudumc and Hogeschool Arnhem-Nijmegen. There is a lot of knowledge, expertise and facilities available for you to advance your business.

Are you interested in collaborating with the Radboud University, Radboud UMC or the HAN University of Applied Sciences? Or do you simply want to know what the possibilities are?

Help with funding

When you reach the stage that you start collecting capital, you can turn to our help. We can enable you to receive vouchers as well as loans up to €85.000. Higher investment needs? We can connect you with the right people. Want to know more?

A large network

Mercator Launch offers a large network that can be approached for specific challenges related to your startup. Do you have questions about your legal entity or how to approach the Chamber of Commerce? Or are you searching for specific knowhow and expertise in an application domain?

We can connect you to the right experts, mentors, corporates, governmental organisations or other leading stakeholders in the field. Want to get connected?