Gight is a safety tool for the elderly. The guiding light in the dark prevents falling down by automatically lighting up a pathway from the bed to the toilet. 


Maya makes sleeping in a hospital bed a cozy experience. Every patient can create a comfortable environment thanks to the extended functions of Maya.


BlockHub is specialised in the use of blockchain technology. They provide blockchain solutions for organisations, help their clients with building blockchain applications, provide advice on how to implement blockchain and on blockchain in general.


Graphkite uses advanced machine learning and data science techniques to distill the essential information from complex systems. Graphkite can help you find and understand patterns, and help you make better decisions based on the data available to your company.


Mindtrace technology turns a simple webcam into a mind reader. Using the newest advances in machine learning and computer vision, which allows them to track eye movements, facial expressions and heart rate of a test audience watching your ads. They can help you optimize your adds and increase the impact of your advertisement.


Respora is on the mission to raise the quality and efficiency of scientific research. They support scientists worldwide, empowering them with their own knowledge. Respora gets the best out of every research community by reconnecting them.

3D Neuro

3Dneuro answers the need for reliable, care-free and affordable tools for electro physiology. They provide custom accessories for silicon probes enabling your cutting-edge research.


Are you a business, campus or property owner and not afraid to innovate?
At SCOOTit we aim to do things properly by taking the regulations and safety into consideration. We provide convenience for you and we do it responsibly.

Biotic Bloom

Fertilizers are very wasteful: most of the fertilizers do not make it to the plant and run out of the soil into canals and rivers. The Biotic Bloom powder is equivalent to a living sponge. It keeps the fertilizers in the soil.


Zober! Is a magic pill that prevents hangovers. With the help of green tea, this pill will make you feel lively on the morning after drinking alcohol.


TicTag offers solutions for your business to give your customers an online experience in an offline environment. TicTags SmartTag embeds a unique 5-point identifier which gives your product or location a unique ID. Your customer can open your app and select the tag with his smartphone.


The Donders Teaching kit is a non-profit project set up by Donders researchers that aims to educate children about neuroscience, and inform primary school teachers about how children can use this knowledge to improve their ability to learn.


Plexuz makes studying fun, manageable and less stressful. The app supports medical students by giving them personal feedback on their learning behavior.

Arts portaal

The portal bundles all useful links and information during the consultation hours of general practitioners. Within two clicks you have all the information you need, so that you have more time left for your patient.


volta energy

Volta Energy is a green and sustainable energy supplier that is designed to replace conventional aggregates completely. The system can be used both mobile and off-grid with energy that is supplied using solar power and battery storage. In this manner, a green, user-friendly and cost-saving energy supplier is created which supplies various kinds of devices with energy at any location without noise and emissions.


Oxylus aims to accelerate the global transition towards sustainable and energy-neutral housing. The idea is to develop a compelling AI system that detects anomalies in thermographic scans and combines it with socio-economic data to provide extensive and standardised energy reports


working technology

One way or another we all rely on technology, we just need it to work.

Sadly many elderly people struggle with tasks like doing their taxes or staying connected to loved ones. Everyone should be able to use technology though. The mission of Working Technology is to make that possible.


YourBookshelf saw that students did not buy study books and wanted to solve this problem. At YourBookshelf you lease your study books the time you need them and next year a new student can lease the same book! YourBookshelf is cheap, encourages education improvement, sustainable and flexible.


TiCaPro, short for Time Cash Professionals, is an app that provides a solution for the advertiser and the user. Instead of recommending random products and services, TiCaPro asks the users what topics they are interested in and generates content custom made for that specific user. The app also offers small financial rewards and can be transferred by a user to his/her bank or Paypal account. The advertisers can target that specific group that is actually interested in making a purchase. It’s a win-win solution.


Babo encourage heroes to replace as much plastic as possible with innovative bamboo articles. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth, uptake CO2 that is 5 times as much as trees and ensures land restoration. Babo starts the #bamboovement to become a household name in Western Europe.


Pixelstad aims to revolutionize the world of spatial planning. By applying the latest technology in virtual and augmented reality, they create custom (dynamic) virtual environments that will improve the concensus building amongst stakeholders. Therefore they enhance the efficiency of the spatial planning process, which results in the most suitable outcome for society.

SME Bridge

SME Bridge was founded to enhance the abilities of industrial SMEs engaged in metallic part manufacture. They enable the procurement of high quality complex metal parts that can meet and exceed critical performance requirements.

Giraffe Tools

Giraffe Tools provides tools for Graphical Interface for Reproducible Analysis oF workFlow Experiments. This is a web application with a set of tools to build a data analysis pipeline graphically and save the code straight to GitHub. Initially, this will focus on neuroscientific data analysis and be a web version of Porcupine, a visual workflow editor.



AeroCount’s goal is to develop an affordable indoor climate sensor for the professional and consumer market. Amongst others, the product contains a unique ultrafine/fine particle detector, raising awareness to the user to take action with a provided solution.



Growing up with his grandmother’s way of curing small injuries, Mohamed discovered the wonderful proprieties of honey. When he became a chemist, he was wondering why we try to deal with our health issues with complicated chemical synthetic drugs. Why not use the beautiful healing properties nature already has to offer? PHAR-Honey is going to re-shape centuries old cures into nowadays solutions.

sexual healing

Sex isn’t the same for everybody. Especially for women who deal with sexual problems after trauma, medical procedures, or giving birth. We believe that everyone deserves a safe, healthy and fun sex life. That’s why, we’ve created Sexual Healing: a collection of 4 objects that focus on recovery of sexual problems and sexual exploration in a personal and safe way after trauma.



Revealer creates interactive customer experience products and video content for retail and promotional purposes. We connect customers and products with the use of interactive video content in order to increase shopping experience.


After you lost a beloved one, it is difficult to get your life back on track. The process of grieving is important and LUTTO helps you with that. The platform provides you insight into your emotions, contact with friends & family, access to the LUTTO-community and flexible chat possibilities with your therapist.

Hidden talents

Hidden Talents doesn’t believe in ‘lost generations’, therefore they strive to develop a innovative solution for a more efficient way of integrating immigrants into society. They are building bridges between the Dutch labor market and new talents.


Veganicious is an online platform where you can find everything you need to know about the vegan way of life. It offers practical solutions, tips and products. And on top of the bill, it has an advanced search engine called VeganExplorer that shows you the nearest location of the stores and restaurants that sell vegan food and products.



The founders of Displac3D are revolutionizing the way we listen to music. Stereo is now oldskool, because Glenn and Alex introduced a whole new music experience: 3D audio! They offer mixing service to artist and work towards a mixing tool for consumers.



Boosting learning and memory through neuroscience, Cognative provides a content-flexible tool to educators, businesses and organisations to improve memory performance in their students and employees.



Guido – founder of SEN6 – is changing the way athletes sport and train. Based on measurements of movement, feedback is provided to athletes to better control their movements and improve their performance.



Soluxa develops innovative solutions for new applications of solar panels. Their innovation will make an important contribution to the realization of aesthetic zero-energy buildings that are needed to achieve a 100% renewable energy system. 



Sarcio is an online platform to help consumers getting their broken products repaired. Consumers get an easy-to-use web app for connecting to the cheapest local repair service who is able to help them with their specific product and situation. This saves them money from having to buy a new product and is better for the environment, and it also increases the amount of customers for local repair services.