Are you ready to become an entrepreneur this summer?

What convinced you to join the Summer School last year?
The most important motivation for me was that the Summer School was a one-week crash course. It was short but sweet and that convinced me to join! The Mercator Launch Summer School enabled me to learn things that I would not have learned myself during a longer process.

How did the Summer School help you?
Most importantly, it taught me how to approach entrepreneurship. I received a lot of feedback in one week and that showed me where I was standing as an entrepreneur. It gave me a better business perspective and a sense of direction: after the Summer School I was able to see the bigger picture and the steps I needed to take to get there!

What is your biggest take away of last year’s Summer School?
 Before Summer School, I didn’t exactly knew where I stood with my business. This crash-course in entrepreneurship was just what I needed to take my business to the next level.

Why would you recommend the Summer School to others?
Next to gaining insights and a better overview, you learn so much from the other inspiring people in the program. And giving feedback to others automatically ensures that you reflect on yourself. Responding critically to others, makes you more critical to yourself. By telling someone how to do something better, you take that in consideration for your own journey. That was a real plus for me.  

Besides the content of the course, it is very ‘gezellig’ to be with a group of people with the same mindset and ambitions. You really bond with people, which is valuable for your own network.  And of course, the Summer School is organized in a fun way that fits within the atmosphere of entrepreneurship. And even though the Summer School takes place at a university; the whole process is quite informal which makes it a fun and relaxed opportunity to learn. It is quite intensive but super fun!

Honestly, you did not mind that the course took place during the summer holiday?
That only made it better! The weather was great and we enjoyed the sun during our lunch breaks. This gave a lot of energy and positivity to the week. Vitamine D is crucial! The opportunity to discuss your plans outside only brought more energy. If it would be raining the whole week it would be less inspiring.

What would you tell people who are still hesitating to sign up this year?
If you’re insecure about your business idea or hesitating to sign up in general, just come by the Mercator Launch office! The business coaches are happy to listen and to help. Or you can come to one of the lunches on Thursday (the next one is on the 20th of June). There you can meet other entrepreneurs who joined the Summer School or the IMPROVE program and ask them your questions. Even if you are insecure about the quality of your idea, you can sign up because during the week you learn how to boost your idea and how to take it to the next step. That’s very valuable!

What was the most inspiring part of the Summer School?
The group process! The people who joined had very diverse ideas and backgrounds, which made it fun to engage in conversations. During this week you can learn a lot from each other and get different perspectives on your own ideas. Everyone has the same goal but achieves this in a different way!. 

Are you still in contact with you Summer School ‘colleagues’?
Well most of them I still see them during the lunches and other Mercator Launch events. Last year there were some people from other countries, it was a great opportunity to meet interesting people from different cultures.

So are you excited about our Summer School?