Entrepreneurial mind of the month: Sharon Lederer

Tekstory: a business in the making since Sharon was 8 years old

When Sharon Lederer was a little girl, she already had big dreams. At the age of 8, she started to create content. Back in 2004 she already made her own drawings and booklets on her computer in Microsoft Publisher and posted them on her self-built HTML website. So, it’s fair to say that Sharon’s entrepreneurial spirit sprouted at quite a young age.

In the summer before she started college, Sharon started editing texts and founded ‘Tekstory’ at age 18, a company that helps small and middle-sized companies with their online brand. She got her first customer through her father, who had a client that needed help with online texts.

“My dream is to help companies improve their online branding”

During the first weeks of her study ‘Communication Sciences’, Sharon quickly realized that academics wasn’t for her. She missed the link with the practice. She then chose to switch studies and started ‘Communication and Information Sciences’, a study with a stronger link to the business world and a focus on practical forms of communication such as writing. So now Sharon could focus on her passion: writing texts that move people. “I want to help businesses with their online appearance. Technically, everyone can be a writer, you just have to learn how to do it!” In her philosophy, companies know their own product or service the best so she helps entrepreneurs to write their own texts. She wants to help improve the online visibility of companies and entrepreneurs.

Tekstory was founded 5 years ago and now Sharon is busy as ever. Next to her business, Sharon is focused on getting her Master’s degree in Behavioral Science. After finishing her Masters’, she intends to fully focus on her business and make it grow.

Sharon: “I never expected to become an entrepreneur; I just sort of rolled into the whole entrepreneurship thing”.

Sharon is very modest about her own company and doesn’t like to talk about it that much. But she is very proud of the personal growth she experienced during the process of setting up her own business. “Looking back on the texts I wrote a couple of years ago and what I create now, I am very happy with the progress I’ve made as a writer.”

Right now, business is going well and Sharon has more work than she can handle. But being her own boss gives her the excitement and freedom she values so much. At the moment she’s happy to be working on her own and she will focus on building a team in the future.

“Sometimes the combination of writing creative texts and studying at the university is frustrating. It can be difficult to switch between both worlds.”

Sharon would like to share a message with all staring entrepreneurs: “What you are doing now, even if it seems small and useless, will become useful in the future. It’s the small things that help you grow.” Last year she was asked to give a blog writing workshop to the tourist office in Schiermonnikoog. They apparently found her old blog writings on the internet! She didn’t write these blogs with future business potential in mind, but look where those blogs got her now! So, no work is ever useless, eventually it all adds up to a higher goal. The goal of you becoming a successful entrepreneur!