Expertblog: Harold Vulink about networking

Expert blog: Harold Vulink about networking Blog by Harold Vulink, Innovatiemakelaar ACT powered by RCT Gelderland The corona virus and the subsequent lockdown, have had a significant impact on networking. […]

7 secrets to mastering online networking

7 secrets to mastering online networking Blog by Sophie Raaijmakers, Career Officer Social Sciences & Coördinator Pre-University College, Faculty of Social Science  During these strange Corona times, the way we […]

Ok, you have a passion. Then what?

Ok, you have a passion. Then what? Blog by Robi Janssen In modern industries, compared to 20 years ago, the development of new ideas and start-ups is accelerating as fast […]

Ed Koster

A day in the life of… Ed!

A day in the life of… Ed Koster! Nice to meet you! My name is Ed and I am the finance coach at Mercator Launch. My morning usually starts with […]

Top 5 cool co-working spaces in Nijmegen

Nijmegen has a great startup climate with many accelerators, incubators and investors located in the city and on campus. And even though Nijmegen is only one hour away from big […]

How to build a strong startup team

What criteria influence the success or failure of a startup? I always ask this question during workshops about entrepreneurship. It will probably not surprise you but the answer I most […]

A day at the office with… Britta!

Who I am? Britta Driessen, 27 years old, graduated in Medical Biology and incredibly happy to be a business coach at Mercator Launch. Why? Because being a business coach gives […]

New coach in town: Saskia Eijkelhof

The newest addition to the Mercator Launch team is business coach Saskia Eijkelhof. This thirty-five-year-old lady was born in Tilburg, but has been living in Nijmegen ever since she studied […]