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Starters day Nijmegen 2019

Explore your entrepreneurial side, test your ideas, get answers to all your questions and learn valuable entrepreneurial lessons from experienced entrepreneurs. Welcome to Starters day Nijmegen 2019!

Starters Day offers you the opportunity to connect with other entrepreneurs and network. Visit the Starters Market and get inspired by diverse seminars and workshops. Starters Day is the place for the next step in your entrepreneurial journey. 

Why sign up?
It doesn’t matter where you stand. Are you just orientating, do you have a startup or even a fast growing business. Starters Day offers knowledge, inspiration, experiences and network opportunities for all kinds of ideas and businesses.

Where do you stand?
Do you recognize yourself in one of the description below? Good! Sign up for Starters Day:
- You have plans and ideas and you don’t know where to begin
- You are still in search for that ‘Eureka-idea’
- You have questions about your business plan and/or questions about funding
- You want to explore the possibilities of becoming an entrepreneur while you’re still receiving unemployment benefits

- You registered your business at chamber of commerce and you’re in need of some personal coaching
- You have questions about the rules and regulations you need to follow as an entrepreneur
- You’re interested in the experiences of other successful entrepreneurs
- How can I make sure that my business is visible for potential clients
- What should be my hourly rate
- What kind of insurance do I need

- You’ve been in business for some time now and you want your business to grow faster
- You want to develop more/new products
- You’re ready for a different market strategy
- You want to rent an office space
- You want to know how to keep your clients

Let’s start with a feasibility test (6-6.30PM)!
Sign up for the feasibility test. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation of about 2 minutes and pitch your idea in front of experienced entrepreneurs. They will provide you with valuable feedback.
There are 2 test moments. One for pre-starters and beginners and one for established startups and scale-ups.

Check out the Starters Day website for the complete program and sign up!