How to build a strong startup team

What criteria influence the success or failure of a startup? I always ask this question during workshops about entrepreneurship. It will probably not surprise you but the answer I most […]

A day at the office with… Britta!

Who I am? Britta Driessen, 27 years old, graduated in Medical Biology and incredibly happy to be a business coach at Mercator Launch. Why? Because being a business coach gives […]

New coach in town: Saskia Eijkelhof

The newest addition to the Mercator Launch team is business coach Saskia Eijkelhof. This thirty-five-year-old lady was born in Tilburg, but has been living in Nijmegen ever since she studied […]

office moving

A new year, a new location!

Mercator Launch is expanding. Since we started in 2018, we have grew substantially. Not only in terms of coaches, but mainly in the number of entrepreneurs we have supported. The […]

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Startup of the Month: the Revealer

Recognize this? You go shopping and the minute you show interest, a vendor appears by your side, asking if you need any help? Many customers experience this as annoying, a […]