What did you have for lunch?

On the 18th of October we held the second edition of Mercator Lunch. There was plenty of food, drinks, new connections, old friends and an awesome pitch! Let’s recap!

A bit chaotic in anticipation and preparation, the ‘venue’ was ready and the table was set. And what a spread! Diverse and thoughtful, from a meat-loving mind to a pure vegan heart, there was something for everyone!

Even more diverse and exciting was the crowd. Students, entrepreneurs, lecturers, startups. All of them passionate for entrepreneurship and keen on networking. That made the conversations easy!

And on top of it all, Alex and Glenn pitched their amazing idea, asking for feedback. With their prototype ready, everyone could try out their product!

In conclusion, it was GREAT!

Would you like to pitch your idea during the third edition of Mercator Lunch on the 15th of November? Sign up for the lunch and do it!